A Cat Bib. Ruzz tries it out.

Hi everybody. Nick here.

One of the bird friendly options available to responsible pet owners is the Cat Bib. Sarah has signed up as a Halo Household and is testing one on Ruzz the puss. She shares her story so far.

Hi Nick,

Just wanted to share my experience with the cat bib, after buying one from the contact info on the Halo website. The website (catbib.com.auSarahs cat 1) was easy to use, the bib cost $20 NZ with free postage and arrived about a week after we ordered.

Here’s a photo of our cat Ruzz, sporting the bib. Despite the look on her face, it seems to be no problem to her at all! She walks, jumps and behaves completely normally when it’s on.

She was quite used to wearing a collar, and the bib just attaches around it with some velcro. We take it off when she comes in at night. It will need a wash at some stage, but seems fine after a couple of weeks wear.

No birds have been caught so far since she’s been wearing it. The best thing is that it makes me feel a whole lot better about having a cat. She will be our last cat, but in the meantime we are doing something positive to keep the birds around here safe.


Sarahs cat 2Shows how the bib just slides to the side when she sits or lies down.


Thanks Sarah. Keep us updated.

If any other Halo Households have stories about their pets and what they are doing to help Natives to thrive in your backyard please let us know.

Cheers Nick