Auckland Area Cat Camera Survey

The Morgan Foundation cat camera study has been an amazing project for the last 6 months. We have been placing cameras in back yards all over the suburbs of Wellington to record what wanders past them.  Here are the results

We have been concentrating firstly on Wellington and now want to place some cameras around properties in the Auckland area.

The Cameras are small, camouflaged and can snap pictures of creatures visiting your property both day and night.

We have quite a few cameras so are looking for volunteer Households in these 2 areas to help us:

West Auckland near the Waitakere Ranges

Between Mt Albert and Mt Eden

If you would be happy to give us the use of your backyards for a couple of weeks, that would be fantastic.

Please note, you should a ‘cat free’ or ‘indoor cat’ household.

If you are keen to support this initiative please complete this form  

We will be placing the cameras from mid August until November so would need permission to access your property. The units just strap to a tree stump or post and are completely self contained. 

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for considering being part of the Morgan Foundation wandering cat camera survey.