Snapping Wandering Cats

Hi everybody Nick here. Most of us should be back at work by now after a good break and we hope you feel rested and ready for a stunning 2014. Here’s an update on one of our Enhancing the Halo projects for this year from Geoff Simmons. Thanks Nick.  One of the projects for this year is the cat camera study. We … Read More

Should we really be feeding birds in our back yard?

Hi Everybody. Nick here. To feed the birds or not to feed the birds? That is the question. There seems to be quite a few different thoughts on this subject. Some groups say it is absolutely fine, others are dead against it. I thought you all might want to see where Zealandia sits on the subject so I have a … Read More

Keas say the darndest things!

Hi Everybody. Nick here. Scouts New Zealand have a great programme designed around Year 1 to Year 3 at school called Keas. Keas interact with nature and learn to share through co-operation and teamwork.  They engage in active and quiet games, stories, creative crafts, play-acting and singing.  Keas share a motto: ‘I share, I care, I discover, I grow.’ Ngaio’s … Read More

A few gems from the Bell’s Track team.

Hi Everyone. Nick here. We have another great blog about all the work being done by Des and the team on Bells Track. Thanks Nick Tena Koutou Katoa everyone. We had our annual get together recently  with a small group interested in the walk and talk.  Food and drink was shared very pleasantly afterwards.  Many thanks to Chris Moore of Otari … Read More

Marc’s Polhill Project is off and running!

Hi Everyone. Nick here. Marc Slade is the powerhouse behind the Polhill project and with the amazing commitment of the community around him, he is getting the job done. Give us an update Marc. Polhill Blog – Part 2 Hi Nick. Well it’s a month or so since we met and a lot has happened in that time. Thanks to … Read More

Reuben’s Kaka Hunt

My Kaka Hunt Hi everybody. Nick here. Reuben Hulme -Moir is a 10 year lad who had a close encounter with a Kaka that wasn’t well at all. He wanted to share the experience with you all so take it away Reuben. Thanks Nick I helped my brother and my dad to catch a kaka at a house in Karori last week. When we got … Read More

Marc’s dream of community trapping in Polhill Reserve

Hi Everybody Nick here. When Marc Slade signed up to Enhancing the Halo I don’t think he was aware just how the concept of restoring the dawn chorus would motivate him. We both met at Joes Garage for a coffee and Marc was absolutely buzzing about the possible idea of community trapping in Polhill Reserve. I told him to write a blog about his … Read More

Know your rodents by Dr James Russell

Hi everybody Nick here. Love them or hate them Rats are all around us and one man that knows them intimately and may help us to understand these pests is Dr James Russell. Welcome to Enhancing the Halo James.  Thanks Nick  Rodents have been with us for most of human history, since we first started planting crops, living in cities, and sailing … Read More

Growing (and enjoying) our Natural Capital

Hi Everyone Nick here. From the beginning of Enhancing the Halo we have been working closely with Amber Bill who is the Programme Manager, Our Living City, WCC. The amount of coffee and conversation Amber and her wonderful workmates have had with the Halo team would make Geoff Marsland from Havana in Tory very excited! The great work done by Wellington City Council past … Read More

Gold Medal for this Halo Household

Hi everybody Nick here. We asked to hear from people who might wish to become a Halo Ambassador and one of the people who put both his hands up was Owen Smith. Not only did he say “what can I do to help” but also wrote this amazing blog. Take a bow Owen and thanks for all your effort so far. Becoming a … Read More