Stewart Island’s gentle Kaka

Hi Everybody. I thought I would share a few photo’s showing the wonderful Halo effect on Stewart Island. These are Brent and Kari’s children in Oban. Iluka below in blue is nearly 1 ½ and Lyall is about 3 ½ in the photo above. Both wonderful Stewart Island kids are feeding Kaka by hand. Keri, their mum, tells us The girls fly in most afternoons, … Read More

Tony’s Amazing Bird Feeder

Hi Everyone Nick here. Here is a great question from Kerry – Well spotted Kerry. We saw the article on ‘Enhancing the Halo’ in the Press or Dom Post last week. We are based in Golden Bay and like many others here we have a population of resident tui and bellbirds which we feed daily. We have also planted 3 … Read More

Our First School Visit

St Mark’s school kids. What a great way to start our school programme for Enhancing the Halo. The students were year 7 and 8 and had invited Gareth Morgan and myself to come and tell them about what we were doing. It was our first chat about making Wellington the Natural Capital The classroom was filled with bright eyed kids … Read More

Spot the Bird

What birds we should be seeing as the halo expands? We are already experiencing the halo effect in our gardens around Wellington. I live in coastal Seatoun, on the Miramar Peninsula, which can be seen as an outer halo of Wellington city, with much potential for ecological restoration at such sites as Oruaiti Reserve and Watts Peninsula. As across most … Read More