Saving the Saddleback From Cats – Friend or Feral?

Is the tide turning in the battle against introduced predators? Over the weekend we heard that tieke (saddleback) are nesting outside the fenced sanctuary of Zealandia. This is a landmark moment for conservation in New Zealand, but also reinforces the point that nobody wants to talk about – it is time to manage wandering cats. The fact is that when cats … Read More

Polhill’s exciting discovery : a Saddleback / Tieke nest.

I thought it was time that I updated you about what we have been up to in Polhill and what is planned for the coming months. The most exciting thing to happen recently is that we discovered a saddleback/tieke nest near one of mountain bike tracks and working closely with WCC and Zealandia we soon identified that there were two … Read More

Add beauty to an otherwise largely indifferent world

Bird loving industrial designer Phil Walters has come up with a creative way to “add beauty to an otherwise largely indifferent world”. It’s become Metalbird, live sized hammer in metal silhouettes of the Tui, Piwakawaka, Huia and Kereru. The project started off as public art. “From the get-go I’ve been a fan of the stencil graffiti artist Banksy,” says Walters … Read More

Winners of Enhancing the Halo Predator – Free Community Competition 2014.

Two Wellington suburbs go head to head to become New Zealand’s first ever predator-free community. The Morgan Foundation’s Enhancing the Halo project has over 1200 Households who have signed up to making their backyards into safe havens for native creatures, with many of them trapping predators on their properties. Recently the project has ramped up the focus on trapping, holding … Read More

Get Predator Free with Goodnature

Predator control is a big part of protecting our natural environment. It’s also something we can all play a part in bringing the birdsong back. In some sweet-as results for our under pressure birdlife, our Wellington-developed Goodnature automatic rat traps have totally eliminated the predator rat populations at large-scale Department of Conservation (DOC) trials in Northern Te Urewera and the Boundary Stream Mainland Island. … Read More

Vote for Your Predator-Free Community

Which predator-free community do you want to win $5,000? We have 4 communities (videos below) that are competing to become New Zealand’s first predator-free community! The winning community will receive money to put towards traps or bait stations in their area. Watch the videos and  start voting here

Bells’ Track – June 2014 Update

Tena koutou katoa Sunday June 15th turned out to be a good day for planting and we now have over 100 plants in the ground for this year.  There were about a dozen of us including our younger helpers Ruby ,Luca, Adam and Noah.  It’s good that younger people are showing an interest in nature.  With Luca Ruby and Adam … Read More

Garden Bird Survey

The garden bird survey is a citizen science project established to monitor the population trends of common garden birds in New Zealand. It attempts to answer the question, “Are garden bird populations increasing, decreasing, or remaining stable?” New Zealand has a number of rare native bird species that are declining in number, but we do not know the population trends … Read More

Invasion of the Kakas

Bill Hester from Trelissick Park Group sent this video in and wrote: “See our deck a couple of weeks ago in the following short video, this wouldn’t have been possible even a few years ago … all aided by reduction of predators in the region”.      A Walk in Trelissick Park

Hunting birds without guns: A visit to Otamatuna

Wandering through much of Aotearoa’s remnant bush in 2014 can be a lonely experience. One has more chance of seeing a hobbit than a kaka or kokako, and the experience is a long way from Joseph Banks’ much repeated description of the the dawn chorus in Queen Charlotte Sound in 1770: “I was awakened by the singing of the birds … Read More