Rats & Mice

Our recent cat camera survey has rekindled the debate on wandering cats, and the risks they pose by killing native wildlife and spreading disease, let alone to themselves. The response from some was to express concern about that old chestnut – that managing domestic cats might let loose a plague of rodents. This response is typical of hard core cat … Read More

Mrs Tiggywinkle, serial killer?

Every now and again a story pops up in the New Zealand media about hedgehogs: either some well-meaning member of the public has rescued one or one has been caught eating something it “shouldn’t.” Then follow comments and letters expressing often strong opinions about whether hedgehogs are “good” or “bad,” or carry disease, or control garden pests, etc. So where … Read More

Beer Trap makes it to Oz

Students at Victoria University in Wellington are being offered drink vouchers for killing rats as part of a project aimed at conserving wildlife. The Victoria University Science Society dreamt up the “Beer Trap” initiative along with members of a local urban development project named Enhancing the Halo. The project is aimed at reducing the number of rats – common killers or … Read More

Cats cavorting through capital

The capital’s cats are cavorting through Wellington properties at a rate of 49 million trespasses a year, according to a new study by anti-cat campaigner Gareth Morgan. Island Bay and the rest of the Southern Ward turned out to be cat central with properties in the southern suburbs recording a “staggering”; average of four visits a day, closely followed by … Read More

Cat cameras reveal surprising results

Remember Gareth Morgan calling your cat a natural born killer or Zealandia a pet food factory? Well, he’s not backing down on his campaign to rid or restrain cats.  He wanted to prove that your property is visited by lots of cats, so he planted cameras in 40 properties in Wellington and came up with some surprising results.  

Rat Control Survey

Goodnature wants to understand what makes you do rat control and what you hope to achieve by doing it. If you’ve never owned a Goodnature A24 rat trap, please fill in this survey: http://vuw.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_4PIsEwAgAhWr4TH To tempt your survey-taking-side further if you complete the survey you’ll go into the draw to win a $300 Bunnings voucher! If you’re an existing customer … Read More

Time for SPCA to Admit it Doesn’t Deal in Unowned Cats

We have been calling for cat management for some time – for cat owners to be responsible for their cats and the Council to step up and take responsibility for unowned cats. Many people think it is currently the SPCA’s job to deal with unowned ‘stray’ cats – this is the reason why some people donate – but they don’t … Read More

Predator-Free Community

Wellington, by PhiloVivero

Enhancing the Halo invites Wellingtonians to band together to become New Zealand’s first predator-free community! This will be an example for the whole country of what we can achieve by working together in the quest to become Predator Free Wellington, the Natural Capital and make another step toward a Predator Free New Zealand. The winning community will receive $5,000 to … Read More

Lunch time workshops: make Wellington the Natural Capital of NZ

The Halo Project in conjunction with the Department of Conservation are running two lunch time workshops in April to equip people to make our backyards and special places predator free. There will be an introductory and advanced workshop. Introductory Workshop – Stay tuned for rescheduled date Date:  TBD Time: TBD Location: Wellington City Council Committee Room 2 (come to the foyer and someone … Read More