Goodnature Traps. Geoff and Nick’s adventure with Robbie.

On a cloudless Wellington afternoon, Nick and I ventured off into the bush to check out the self-resetting traps made by Goodnature. Our guide was Robbie, one of the three lads involved in this local Wellington firm from the outset. As we trudged up the steep hills of the Orongorongos we took regular breaks so Nick could gasp for air, … Read More

Thank You from the Bottom of our Ukuleles!

Dear Gareth, Geoff & Nick, Thank You from the Bottom of our Ukuleles! Our Edinburgh fundraiser concert was a huge success we manged to sell out the show. Your partnership was essential to making this event possible. It was wonderful to have Geoff MC the evening, he did a fantastic job at keeping the audience excited and the show … Read More

Getting the natives back at the far end of Karori

Florence Ligar-Popovics came up to me at one of our Halo Happy Hours at the Sprig and Fern in Thorndon. She was so excited about the work being done by FROKS who are a terrific bunch of people getting the Natives back to the far end of Karori. I’ll let Florence tell you more. Thanks Nick and Hullo. FROKS stands for Friends … Read More

Aro Valley Backyard Pest Management Meeting

Hi Everyone. Nick here. Aro Valley has some tremendous residents and they certainly are Halo Heroes. Here is a report of the Backyard Pest Management Meeting held on July 24th 2013 from Julia Stace. At Ewan Kelsall’s talk about backyard pest management about 40 people heard about what Wellington City Council & Greater Wellington are doing in the public land that … Read More

Five weeds to get out of your garden

Hi everybody. Nick here. I have been asked by some of our Halo households, “do we have any advice on terrible weeds that we can rip out?”. Well yes we do! Let me introduce Ania Upstill who is a professional gardener in Wellington. For any organic gardening services you can email her on Thanks Nick. Hi everyone and nice to be … Read More

10 Tips for taking great Bird Photos

Hi Everybody, Nick here. Firstly congratulations to our winners of the first Enhancing the Halo photo competition. Tracey Bates has won a photography workshop with Wellington photographer extrodinaire Simon Woolf at Ohariu Farm. This was her winning picture. And Amelia Mazur has won the fantastic Nikon camera and telephoto lens from the Morgan Foundation and Nikon NZ, for this great … Read More

A Cat Bib. Ruzz tries it out.

Hi everybody. Nick here. One of the bird friendly options available to responsible pet owners is the Cat Bib. Sarah has signed up as a Halo Household and is testing one on Ruzz the puss. She shares her story so far. Hi Nick, Just wanted to share my experience with the cat bib, after buying one from the contact info on the Halo … Read More

Hot trapping and poisoning tips

Hi Everyone Nick Here It is great to see more and more Halo Households are actively trapping and poisoning in their backyards. So we thought it would be good to get some expert advice and really interesting tips. Welcome to Chris Horne. He’s been a life member of Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society since 1980 and is also a member of Wellington Botanical … Read More

Trelissick Park Group update

Hi  Nick here.  Hope everyone is safe and sound after the shakes we are having. My dog picks up on the rumbles first so he has become our advance guard. Right from the launch of Enhancing the Halo, Trelissick Park group have been fabulous at keeping us up to date with the work that they do. This time they mention the adventures of … Read More

Kaka numbers recovering in Wellington

The kākā, a rare species of native parrot, is making a recovery in Wellington thanks to Zealandia. These parrots were once really abundant, flying in huge flocks over NZ’s native forest, but their populations were decimated because humans introduced mammals and cut down the trees they needed to survive. Kākā were reintroduced to the Wellington region just over 10 years … Read More