Polhill’s exciting discovery : a Saddleback / Tieke nest.

I thought it was time that I updated you about what we have been up to in Polhill and what is planned for the coming months. The most exciting thing to happen recently is that we discovered a saddleback/tieke nest near one of mountain bike tracks and working closely with WCC and Zealandia we soon identified that there were two … Read More

July 2014 Update Bells’ Track

Tena koutou katoa The planting for this year is just about complete with some 500 plants having been put in..   This is a record amount so a very big thanks to all who helped in one way and another.  The bulk of the plants came from the City Council together with a good number from Nick and Jase and … Read More

Creative Woodcraft offers discount to Halo Households

NATURALLY PASSIONATE & WANTING TO MAKE CHANGE By Ian Morton, Creative Woodcraft HQ With a deep passion for gardening, nature and the environment at large – is it any wonder I combined my craftsman skills to create a job I love? Every day, ideas and products are born at Creative Woodcraft HQ – as my wife and I continually look for … Read More

Keas say the darndest things!

Hi Everybody. Nick here. Scouts New Zealand have a great programme designed around Year 1 to Year 3 at school called Keas. Keas interact with nature and learn to share through co-operation and teamwork.  They engage in active and quiet games, stories, creative crafts, play-acting and singing.  Keas share a motto: ‘I share, I care, I discover, I grow.’ Ngaio’s … Read More

A few gems from the Bell’s Track team.

Hi Everyone. Nick here. We have another great blog about all the work being done by Des and the team on Bells Track. Thanks Nick Tena Koutou Katoa everyone. We had our annual get together recently  with a small group interested in the walk and talk.  Food and drink was shared very pleasantly afterwards.  Many thanks to Chris Moore of Otari … Read More

Growing (and enjoying) our Natural Capital

Hi Everyone Nick here. From the beginning of Enhancing the Halo we have been working closely with Amber Bill who is the Programme Manager, Our Living City, WCC. The amount of coffee and conversation Amber and her wonderful workmates have had with the Halo team would make Geoff Marsland from Havana in Tory very excited! The great work done by Wellington City Council past … Read More

Matiu/Somes Island Charitable Trust

Hi Everyone. Nick here. Matiu/Somes Island is a jewel in the middle of Wellington Harbour and is certainly a safe haven for Native creatures thanks to the hard work being done by some very passionate people. There is some truly wonderful stuff going on out there under the watchful eye of  the Matiu/Somes Island Charitable Trust. Here is an introduction Mike sent me to bring … Read More

Goodnature Traps. Geoff and Nick’s adventure with Robbie.

On a cloudless Wellington afternoon, Nick and I ventured off into the bush to check out the self-resetting traps made by Goodnature. Our guide was Robbie, one of the three lads involved in this local Wellington firm from the outset. As we trudged up the steep hills of the Orongorongos we took regular breaks so Nick could gasp for air, … Read More