Getting the natives back at the far end of Karori

Florence Ligar-Popovics came up to me at one of our Halo Happy Hours at the Sprig and Fern in Thorndon. She was so excited about the work being done by FROKS who are a terrific bunch of people getting the Natives back to the far end of Karori. I’ll let Florence tell you more. Thanks Nick and Hullo. FROKS stands for Friends … Read More

Aro Valley Backyard Pest Management Meeting

Hi Everyone. Nick here. Aro Valley has some tremendous residents and they certainly are Halo Heroes. Here is a report of the Backyard Pest Management Meeting held on July 24th 2013 from Julia Stace. At Ewan Kelsall’s talk about backyard pest management about 40 people heard about what Wellington City Council & Greater Wellington are doing in the public land that … Read More

Te Motu Kairangi Miramar

Te Motu Kairangi- Miramar Ecological Restoration is a group that I started back in 2011 .         We are so far a small dedicated group of volunteers and locals working on both weekdays, weekends and free time to restore the peninsula to a more natural state focusing on its flora. Hopefully with this aim more of its … Read More

Yippee ! Let’s go to Staglands

Hi Everybody Nick here. My family of two rather young children and a fabulous wife, like to jump in our car and go on what we refer to as “adventures”. Nothing excites the kids more than their dad punching the air and shouting…..” we’re off to Staglands”. The experiences I have shared there with my family and the delight on their faces … Read More

Amazing Ames Street is going green

Hi Everyone Our Halo hats go off to Megan Salole and her wonderful neighbours, who all live on the same Paekakariki street. The fun they are having is infectious and I know there must be other groups of neighbours in Wellington that inspire all of us too.  Why not get together and let us know where your street is and we will enhance … Read More

Ken Bowater

My name is Ken Bowater I manage the Kelburn Gulley Volunteer Planting Group for Wellington City Council. This extends up from the motorway to the north of the Kelburn Park fountain. I call on a small group of friends once a year to assist with planting, but do everything else during the year on my own. I have invited all … Read More

Greater Wellington Regional Council

We all know possums are a massive problem for our forests and farmers. You may not know this, but they also eat the eggs and young of our native birds. We have all seen the devastation possums cause to native forests as they munch through the best new leaves of our native plants and trees. They particularly like chowing down … Read More

Ella Neilson

This article was originally published on Stuff here She’s just 13, but Waikanae student Ella Neilson has published her first book. The Kapiti College student wrote the picture book, Tui, last year after being inspired by the iconic native bird, she said. “They have a really nice sound and they’re all iridescent and really beautiful.” The book follows the day of … Read More

Jil Hemming

Originally pubilished on Stuff here Jil Hemming first realised her Cloak of Protection card game could be a hit when a 5-year-old stole a bundle at a kindergarten fair. Since then about 100 schools throughout the North Island have begun using the native bird game to familiarise children with past and present birds and their predators in a fun way. … Read More

Mainland Island Restoration Operation (MIRO)

Mainland Island Restoration Operation (MIRO) is a group of volunteers who work in partnership with Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) to restore the forest and lakes ecosystem of the East Harbour Regional Park (EHRP). Central to this is the elimination of animal pests – possums, rats and stoats – within a Mainland Island of 300 hectare within the Northern Forest. … Read More