10 Tips for taking great Bird Photos

Hi Everybody, Nick here. Firstly congratulations to our winners of the first Enhancing the Halo photo competition. Tracey Bates has won a photography workshop with Wellington photographer extrodinaire Simon Woolf at Ohariu Farm. This was her winning picture. And Amelia Mazur has won the fantastic Nikon camera and telephoto lens from the Morgan Foundation and Nikon NZ, for this great … Read More

Hot trapping and poisoning tips

Hi Everyone Nick Here It is great to see more and more Halo Households are actively trapping and poisoning in their backyards. So we thought it would be good to get some expert advice and really interesting tips. Welcome to Chris Horne. He’s been a life member of Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society since 1980 and is also a member of Wellington Botanical … Read More

Kaka numbers recovering in Wellington

The kākā, a rare species of native parrot, is making a recovery in Wellington thanks to Zealandia. These parrots were once really abundant, flying in huge flocks over NZ’s native forest, but their populations were decimated because humans introduced mammals and cut down the trees they needed to survive. Kākā were reintroduced to the Wellington region just over 10 years … Read More

Who ya gonna call? A pest buster!

Hi Everyone. Nick here. Trapping pests on your section is a tremendous step to Enhance the Halo. You and your family might be keen as mustard to get started but are a little unsure about dealing with traps and poison. Never fear the professionals are here! Glenn has a company that will do all the work for you plus give you pride in … Read More

Show us your Halo Sticker

Hi Everybody. To those of you who have signed up as a Halo Household, brilliant and thank you. Some of you will have received in the mail an envelope with a couple of Halo Stickers in it. We would love it if you could proudly place one somewhere on your property that is easy for us to see. Your letterbox is great, a window … Read More

If birds had green thumbs what would they plant?

If birds had green thumbs: what to plant in your garden to attract native birds Hi everyone. Kevin C. Burns, School of Biological Sciences, Victoria University knows his stuff and gives us a really simple start to planting natives. Take it away Kevin.   Thanks Nick. My experience has taught me that if birds had green thumbs, these six species are what … Read More

Enhancing the Halo Launches

Gareth Morgan is asking Wellington households to pitch in and make their back yard a safe haven for native wildlife. Over the past couple of decades Wellingtonians have invested heavily in our wildlife hotspots – with both money and sweat. We now have world-leading reminders of what our country should be like. All those who have been involved can be … Read More