Enhancing the Halo: Join In Our New Years Resolution!

Kids Making Bird foodEnhancing the Halo has only been running a few months but already we have made great strides. We have over 830 halo households taking part, and there are now hundreds of traps out there on Wellington properties keeping down numbers of mice, rats, stoats and hedgehogs in the Capital.

We think 2014 is time to take Enhancing the Halo to the next level: we are aiming for a Predator Free Wellington. This is doable, if we get the community trapping in their backyards, and the Councils step up their efforts with parks and rural landowners, then the whole area south of State Highway One could be near enough to a predator free zone.

Tui and kaka are again part of the fabric of our community – we have already lost them once and we are certain Wellingtonians wouldn’t let that happen again. The question is what are we prepared to do to have more native bird species in the Capital? If we get rats down to 5% of their naturally occurring levels then species like saddlebacks, robins and kakariki could be as common as tui and kaka are now.

Of course we will have to start small and find out what works. But once we have shown it can be done in a community, it is only a matter of time before it catches on. Halo households have the opportunity to be at the forefront of Wellington’s next big thing, part of what makes the Capital unique.

Along with Victoria University, we have many activities planned for next year that we would like our halo households to get involved with. These are all about understanding what predators we have here in Wellington, what they are eating and what we can do about them. The first few opportunities to get involved are set out below. Have a look at the list below and fill out the form if you are interested.