Get Predator Free with Goodnature

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0 Release image from Goodnature

Predator control is a big part of protecting our natural environment. It’s also something we can all play a part in bringing the birdsong back.

In some sweet-as results for our under pressure birdlife, our Wellington-developed Goodnature automatic rat traps have totally eliminated the predator rat populations at large-scale Department of Conservation (DOC) trials in Northern Te Urewera and the Boundary Stream Mainland Island.

The most recent couple of monitoring rounds at the two large scale trial sites by DOC field personnel confirmed zero percent (0%) rat monitoring rates – indicating rat populations in these areas had been reduced to nothing.

This latest in conservation technology gets its power from a small compressed CO2 canister. The successful Goodnature traps automatically reset themselves after striking a pest and can kill up to 24 rats between gas canister replacements. The multiple-kill traps come with an effective long-life rodent lure which attracts rats to the trap.

The A24 trapis being used widely by households in the Wellington region to keep rat populations under control and is now part of the Enhancing the Halo range of subsidised traps. The traps will be couriered directly from the Goodnature factory to your door so order your A24 bach kit for rats at their online store here. .

Everything you need comes in the box with the trap including a potent rodent lure. All you have to do is screw the system to a tree or post, open the lure bottle and pop in the gas canister and the trap is ready for action.

We asked a couple of locals to give their feedback on the traps so far:

From one of the very first A24 trap users in Wellington, ex-night tour guide at the Karori Sanctuary and now working with some of our rarest birds, Dr. Andrew Digby:

“I have used Goodnature A24s in an urban environment for nearly 2 years, with great success. Our garden had no obvious rat problem, but an A24 placed in the crook of a tree branch caught about 25 ship rats a year, and also several mice. Up to three rats a night were caught. A video camera on the trap showed that all were quick, humane kills, and also revealed no trap interference from non-target species (cats, birds etc). The area around the trap had several common geckos, which can be killed in snap traps, but none were caught by the A24. I tried a range of baits, and all worked well: peanut butter, chocolate, and Goodnature’s peanut paste. A counter on the trap reliably recorded the number of kills – useful when cats removed the bodies. A second trap was placed in the house attic, where rats had previously been present. However, the trap in the garden kept the rats to such a low density that they no longer entered the house. I found the traps to be excellent for an urban environment: great to be able to “set and forget”, aside from a freshening of the bait every few weeks, yet still be confident that rats would continue to be controlled humanely.  

– Andrew Digby, Wellington”

And from a more recent and happy adopter of the Goodnature technology:

“Yes. I’m pleased with my rat trap. The best thing about it is not having to regularly re-bait it (as I had to with the traps I was using before finding your well-made well-designed products). The other night I heard a possum outside the bedroom window so that was the trigger for getting the possum version now. 

We live not far from Zealandia and get kaka, kakariki, kereru and tui in our trees. (We do get morepork too but I haven’t heard any of those for quite a few months now.) I like seeing and hearing birds so I’m always keen to keep predator numbers down. (I even have cat-scaring devices that I’ve imported from the UK.)

Cheers – Tom in Ngaio Wellington”

So if you’re keen to protect our precious Wellington birdlife, get your hands on a Goodnature kit and let’s stamp out predators.