Halo to Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra!

[youtube height=”400″ width=”610″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtCXkkdKgSQ[/youtube]

Hi everybody, Nick here.

We are very excited to be a partner with the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra’s Edinburgh Fringe Fundraiser concert. The venue is the Wellington Town Hall on Thursday the 25th of July. Concert starts at 7.30pm and there are some super awesome prices on www.ukulele.co.nz  Book at ticketek. Thanks to the team for doing this fun video on Natives birds. Here’s a nice note from Age.

Hi Guys. I’m really excited about the Enhancing the Halo program, and the attention it brings to Wellington’s burgeoning native wildlife. Friends in Kelburn and Karori are visited regularly by kaka, and the obvious growth in tui numbers over the past few years has been a pleasure for people all around the city. Personally, my favourite native bird is the kereru, and I would be thrilled to see more of those beautiful animals cruising around the capital city. Maybe we can undo some of the destructive treatment meted out to our native species in the past. What a great opportunity!