On your Marks St Marks !

Hi Everyone.

We received a message from Carissa, Jenna and Lily at St Marks school. Gareth and I paid them a visit a week ago to promote Enhancing the Halo and what a great bunch of students. We are keen to visit as many Wellington schools as we can, so just email us and we will sort out a day and time. The Girls wrote……

On Tuesday 18th of June, Gareth Morgan came in to St Mark’s Church School to speak to the Year 7 and 8’s about the importance of preserving New Zealand’s native fauna. Lily, Carissa and Jenna from Year 7 made this possible as they are doing a science fair project on how cats are affecting our native fauna. They emailed Gareth Morgan about the issue and he offered to come in and speak to us. He spoke to us about some of his projects such as Cats to Go and Enhancing the Halo. Cats to Go is a project about making New Zealand cat free or at least keeping cats controlled by keeping them inside. He told us about some of the actions he had taken in the Campbell Islands and Stewart Island. He is taking action because he wants to attract more tourists to New Zealand and he thinks that by increasing the amount of native fauna more people will visit New Zealand. His other project, Enhancing the Halo is about getting involved with local schools and households by showing them how to attract native birds to their gardens and showing them how to control pests and keep a clean and green environment. He hopes that St Marks will get involved with this project in the near future. Over all this was a great experience and learning opportunity for us, it has really helped with our science fair too.

By Carissa and Lily 7AP