Should we really be feeding birds in our back yard?

Hi Everybody. Nick here.

To feed the birds or not to feed the birds? That is the question.

Gareth with boy and feederThere seems to be quite a few different thoughts on this subject.

Some groups say it is absolutely fine, others are dead against it.

I thought you all might want to see where Zealandia sits on the subject so I have a link below to a new article they have just released.

Dan Kaka 2Their article sets out to answer these questions.

1. How can I see more birds in my garden?

2. What are the problems with feeding birds?

3. Doesn’t Zealandia feed birds?

4. Should I stop using my bird feeder?

5. How can I feed birds safely?

Bird Food for Thought.

Kids Making Bird foodAlso don’t forget our Halo Household BBQ on the 7th of December at Otari Wilton’s Bush from midday till 2pm.

Happy reading.