Tony’s Amazing Bird Feeder

Hi Everyone Nick here.

Here is a great question from Kerry – Well spotted Kerry.

We saw the article on ‘Enhancing the Halo’ in the Press or Dom Post last week. We are based in Golden Bay and like many others here we have a population of resident tui and bellbirds which we feed daily. We have also planted 3 hectares of ex-dairy-farming wasteland in native trees to sustain the natural biodiversity of the area and provide food for the birds.

We were most impressed with the tui feeder in the photo with plastic bottle suspended above it.

Gareth with boy and feederDo you have any details on where this feeder can be purchased or has it been put together with kiwi ingenuity and chewing gum? We are trying to discourage sparrows & starlings from polluting our sugar-water.

Many thanks for your time and for your environmental campaigns.

Kind Regards Kerry Geen

Well Kerry, the inventor is Tony of Human Nature. Come on in Tony!

Thanks Nick and hullo Kerry. The bottle feeder we made as an additional
feeding source – if the birds have been using a bowl it will take some time
before they start using it! So be patient ☺

bird on feeder 2You basically have to single out that one smart Tui or Bellbird and encourage
it with adding some fruit (Persimmons work really well!- just cut the top off
and stick on the perch)or add honey on the tip of the nozzle.



bird feederAlso use raw sugar as it has colour or just add tiny drop of red food colouring
as we did.
The “Water Dispenser Fountain Bottle Head” can be found at most pet shops
(around $16.00) The fence post $13.
Anyway, you know I can never resist making things 3d so here is a small diagram I
made for you ☺Best