Stop your cats from hunting wildlife, keep dogs under control.

Cats do hunt native wildlife – during the day, birds will be most at risk, and during the night, lizards. Understand your cat’s behaviour and also the wildlife around you. Here are some options:

  • Put a bell on your cat. It doesn’t always work, but every little helps. These new cat bibs may be more effective.
  • Make sure your cat is de-sexed so it cannot breed, potentially adding to the stray and feral population.
  • Keep your cat inside as much as possible, ideally all the time. This may sound strange, but it is quite normal overseas. In fact it is safer for your cat as it reduces the risk of fights and accidents. Cats grow to prefer it, especially if they are kept inside from when they are kittens.
  • If you can’t keep it inside, build your cat an outdoor enclosure.
  • If you can’t stop your cat from wandering, consider not replacing it when it dies.