She’s a very responsible pet owner

Hi everybody. Being a responsible pet owner is one of the pledges a household can adopt when enhancing the halo.  I was invited to meet a woman who just adores her cat and has trained it to live inside. She also loves having Native creatures in her garden and with her pet inside all day, believes she has the best of both worlds.

Her name is Heidy Kikillus and she has a doctorate in Ecology and Biodiversity. Heidy is currently an ecologist working at Victoria University and tells me she has always had indoor/outdoor cats in the past. The cat featured in her video is named Pancho Villa and is her first truly indoor cat.

It’s a fascinating concept for many pet owners and I thought it may be useful to hear how she has achieved this level of commitment to Enhancing the Halo. Have a look at one extremely happy kitty and his even happier owner.

If you have a similar responsible pet owner story to tell, just let us know and we will put you on our Halo Heroes page.

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