A Cat Bib. Ruzz tries it out.

Hi everybody. Nick here. One of the bird friendly options available to responsible pet owners is the Cat Bib. Sarah has signed up as a Halo Household and is testing one on Ruzz the puss. She shares her story so far. Hi Nick, Just wanted to share my experience with the cat bib, after buying one from the contact info on the Halo … Read More

Hot trapping and poisoning tips

Hi Everyone Nick Here It is great to see more and more Halo Households are actively trapping and poisoning in their backyards. So we thought it would be good to get some expert advice and really interesting tips. Welcome to Chris Horne. He’s been a life member of Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society since 1980 and is also a member of Wellington Botanical … Read More

Te Motu Kairangi Miramar

Te Motu Kairangi- Miramar Ecological Restoration is a group that I started back in 2011 .         We are so far a small dedicated group of volunteers and locals working on both weekdays, weekends and free time to restore the peninsula to a more natural state focusing on its flora. Hopefully with this aim more of its … Read More

Trelissick Park Group update

Hi  Nick here.  Hope everyone is safe and sound after the shakes we are having. My dog picks up on the rumbles first so he has become our advance guard. Right from the launch of Enhancing the Halo, Trelissick Park group have been fabulous at keeping us up to date with the work that they do. This time they mention the adventures of … Read More

Kaka numbers recovering in Wellington

The kākā, a rare species of native parrot, is making a recovery in Wellington thanks to Zealandia. These parrots were once really abundant, flying in huge flocks over NZ’s native forest, but their populations were decimated because humans introduced mammals and cut down the trees they needed to survive. Kākā were reintroduced to the Wellington region just over 10 years … Read More

Yippee ! Let’s go to Staglands

Hi Everybody Nick here. My family of two rather young children and a fabulous wife, like to jump in our car and go on what we refer to as “adventures”. Nothing excites the kids more than their dad punching the air and shouting…..” we’re off to Staglands”. The experiences I have shared there with my family and the delight on their faces … Read More

Who ya gonna call? A pest buster!

Hi Everyone. Nick here. Trapping pests on your section is a tremendous step to Enhance the Halo. You and your family might be keen as mustard to get started but are a little unsure about dealing with traps and poison. Never fear the professionals are here! Glenn has a company that will do all the work for you plus give you pride in … Read More

She’s a very responsible pet owner

Hi everybody. Being a responsible pet owner is one of the pledges a household can adopt when enhancing the halo.  I was invited to meet a woman who just adores her cat and has trained it to live inside. She also loves having Native creatures in her garden and with her pet inside all day, believes she has the best of both worlds. Her name … Read More

Show us your Halo Sticker

Hi Everybody. To those of you who have signed up as a Halo Household, brilliant and thank you. Some of you will have received in the mail an envelope with a couple of Halo Stickers in it. We would love it if you could proudly place one somewhere on your property that is easy for us to see. Your letterbox is great, a window … Read More

Halo to Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra!

[youtube height=”400″ width=”610″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtCXkkdKgSQ[/youtube] Hi everybody, Nick here. We are very excited to be a partner with the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra’s Edinburgh Fringe Fundraiser concert. The venue is the Wellington Town Hall on Thursday the 25th of July. Concert starts at 7.30pm and there are some super awesome prices on www.ukulele.co.nz  Book at ticketek. Thanks to the team for doing this fun video on … Read More