Bolshie Karearea Encounter

One of our Halo champions shared their experience with a pair of bolshie karearea in Te Ahumairangi: My 8-year-old daughter Estella and I had a dramatic but very cool encounter with a pair of bolshie karearea in Te Ahumairangi (Tinakori Hill, a stones throw from the PM’s whare) today. We were rambling up to the Northern Walkway when we heard a ‘kek-kek-kek’ … Read More

Kākā Update

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We spoke with Tim Park and Matt Robertson from the Wellington City Council Parks on Friday. Watch the video to find out what happened to the smallest chick.  


John lives on a 516 square metre property in Karori with an overgrown section to the rear and a neglected bush reserve across the road. Motivated by a desire to both protect the returning native birds that visit the property and save his puka tree from damage, John set out to 
control rats. Two years ago he purchased a Goodnature … Read More

“How to plant a tree”- from an expert !

Greetings everyone Nick here. Tim Park from the Wellington City Council is a great friend of the Halo team and we wanted to share his knowledge on planting a tree. Take it away Tim. Thanks Nick and hi everyone.  It’s been an amazing summer but now that the days are getting shorter and rain is becoming more frequent it’s time … Read More

Victor rat trap and Tunnel now available from Zealandia

During the holidays make sure you go and check out the predator free environment of Zealandia, and now you can also purchase a Victor rat trap and Tunnel to take home with you. Halo Households can still go on line to buy our discounted rat traps as per normal and then take their voucher into Zealandia for pick-up. At this … Read More

Let’s Mulch

Hey Everyone Its mulching time! The planting season has finished for the year – 100,000 plants have been put in the ground across Wellington,  weeds are going crazy and the ground is starting to dry out. The occasional rain showers are helping a bit but the ground is getting dry in many places already. Recent studies of our revegetation planting … Read More

Fundraiser quiz for Polhill’s saddleback/tieke and Karori

Two groups have joined forces to raise funds for pest control in the western suburbs. The Polhill Restoration Project have recently been blessed with a saddleback/tieke nest, and need support to protect it. KATCH 22 is a group formed in 2013, as an extension of the Makara Peak Supporters into the wider Karori environment. The existing Makara Peak predator control work … Read More