Otis and Rubi – Safe and Sound

This fantastic Kiwi cat lover has installed a Gallagher fence to keep her cats (Otis and Rubi) on her property. The cats and native wildlife are safe, and the neighbours are happy – everybody wins! Cat fences and enclosures such as this are popular in Australia and North America. OTIS and RUBI Safe and sound from Gareth Morgan on Vimeo.

Living with Toxoplasmosis

After the article on toxoplasmosis in the Sunday Star Times: Cats Will Damage Your Mind; we talked to a victim of the disease Geraldine Kawabe, about her experiences.

‘Eradicat’ discussion – SBS television in Australia

  It was refreshing to participate in such an enlightened discussion on the responsibilities of cat owners as was conceited by SBS television in Australia. This hour long studio audience presented all the points of view but by far the most encouraging thing for me was the responsible attitude taken by the various cat caring organisations including Australia’s SPCA. It … Read More

Rats & Mice

Our recent cat camera survey has rekindled the debate on wandering cats, and the risks they pose by killing native wildlife and spreading disease, let alone to themselves. The response from some was to express concern about that old chestnut – that managing domestic cats might let loose a plague of rodents. This response is typical of hard core cat … Read More

Cats cavorting through capital

The capital’s cats are cavorting through Wellington properties at a rate of 49 million trespasses a year, according to a new study by anti-cat campaigner Gareth Morgan. Island Bay and the rest of the Southern Ward turned out to be cat central with properties in the southern suburbs recording a “staggering”; average of four visits a day, closely followed by … Read More

Cat cameras reveal surprising results

Remember Gareth Morgan calling your cat a natural born killer or Zealandia a pet food factory? Well, he’s not backing down on his campaign to rid or restrain cats.  He wanted to prove that your property is visited by lots of cats, so he planted cameras in 40 properties in Wellington and came up with some surprising results.  

Think of the Cats

This might sound a little strange, but we are worried about cats. Not just the damage they do to our wildlife, but their own welfare too. That is another reason why we want to talk about managing cats. Cat management is not only better for native wildlife, property owners, and those concerned about their family’s exposure to toxoplasmosis, it is … Read More

Time for SPCA to Admit it Doesn’t Deal in Unowned Cats

We have been calling for cat management for some time – for cat owners to be responsible for their cats and the Council to step up and take responsibility for unowned cats. Many people think it is currently the SPCA’s job to deal with unowned ‘stray’ cats – this is the reason why some people donate – but they don’t … Read More