Without managing cats, Zealandia is the most expensive cat food factory in NZ

Cat-eating-prey, Wikipedia

Wellington wildlife refuge Zealandia will become little more than a “cat food factory” unless something is done about wandering felines, the Wellington City Council has been told. Hearings began today for submissions into the council’s draft annual plan, with philanthropist and anti-cat campaigner Gareth Morgan among the first to address councillors. He urged the council to exert control over the … Read More

Councils need better bylaws to control cats

The Invercargill City Council has got itself in aright bind over how to handle a local who’s got more than 30 cats. The Council has a by law banning cat owners from owning more than 3 cats. The council’s been powerless to do anything about the cat owner and has even encouraged neighbours to trap her cats so they can … Read More

Urban Cats and Native Wildlife – Radio New Zealand

Hi Everybody.  Nick here. Alison Ballance from Radio New Zealand was very interested in our Cat Cam survey which we began in December 2013. She interviewed us as we began placing cameras in the backyards of Halo households included putting one at her Haitaitai property. Over a month later Alison chatted to out team again about the fascinating results and … Read More

Update on Cat Camera Project: Gareth’s Place

Hello Halo Households! Thanks to those that volunteered to take part in our cat camera experiment. Sorry if we haven’t been in touch with you so far, we have been overloaded with requests to take part. We hope to get to everyone. We are now about halfway through our cat camera experiment. This is all about highlighting the number of wandering cats and … Read More

Snapping Wandering Cats

Hi everybody Nick here. Most of us should be back at work by now after a good break and we hope you feel rested and ready for a stunning 2014. Here’s an update on one of our Enhancing the Halo projects for this year from Geoff Simmons. Thanks Nick.  One of the projects for this year is the cat camera study. We … Read More

A Cat Bib. Ruzz tries it out.

Hi everybody. Nick here. One of the bird friendly options available to responsible pet owners is the Cat Bib. Sarah has signed up as a Halo Household and is testing one on Ruzz the puss. She shares her story so far. Hi Nick, Just wanted to share my experience with the cat bib, after buying one from the contact info on the Halo … Read More

She’s a very responsible pet owner

Hi everybody. Being a responsible pet owner is one of the pledges a household can adopt when enhancing the halo.  I was invited to meet a woman who just adores her cat and has trained it to live inside. She also loves having Native creatures in her garden and with her pet inside all day, believes she has the best of both worlds. Her name … Read More