Trelissick Park Group

Trelissick Park Group – February 2014 Trelissick Park lies in the Korimako and Kaiwharawhara valleys, between Ngaio and Wadestown. The riparian strip down from bridge 5 that we planted in 2010, under the DOC Community Conservation Fund is now almost impenetrable. The toetoe, flax and trees we planted are doing battle with blackberry, buddleia and bindweed. Fortunately, our plantings are … Read More

Bells’ Track

Tena kouto katoa It is getting very dry and I have noticed that up the track a few plants have succumbed to this. Overall though it is looking good and the lower areas are now looking as if we are achieving reaforestation. A recent trip to Kaitoke really showed how our bush should be, 30-50m high rimu, matai, wonderful tree … Read More

The Jewels of the Wellington Region

Over the past six months, I have been lucky enough to visit two of Wellington’s predator free jewels: Mana Island and Kapiti Island. Both are just a short jaunt off the northwest coast of our region – Mana is the table shaped island just off Titahi Bay and Kapiti is the steep bush clad island just off Paraparaumu. Both islands were occupied by … Read More

Creative Woodcraft offers discount to Halo Households

NATURALLY PASSIONATE & WANTING TO MAKE CHANGE By Ian Morton, Creative Woodcraft HQ With a deep passion for gardening, nature and the environment at large – is it any wonder I combined my craftsman skills to create a job I love? Every day, ideas and products are born at Creative Woodcraft HQ – as my wife and I continually look for … Read More

Halo Bear Giveaway!

Halo Bear Giveaway

Halo Bear Giveaway from Gareth Morgan on Vimeo. Receive a bear and Enhance the Halo ! Join us Thursday, 27 Feb at 12:30 p.m. in Midland Park

Here is an update on the Polhill Reserve from our Halo Hero, Marc

Hi Nick. It feels like ages since I last wrote, but a heap has happened since then. I will fill you in on a few of the key events: Volunteers social Given the number of people who volunteered their time to the project, we decided to hold a social gathering as a way of saying thanks and keeping people updated … Read More

Great meet up by Halo members who’d like to start trapping

  Enhancing the Halo are committed to the goal of a Predator Free Wellington. We held a focus group earlier this week to get feedback from people who hadn’t trapped and those who had to hear about how we can make the whole process easier. Thanks to all those that came along, it was great to meet you all and hear … Read More

Keas say the darndest things!

Hi Everybody. Nick here. Scouts New Zealand have a great programme designed around Year 1 to Year 3 at school called Keas. Keas interact with nature and learn to share through co-operation and teamwork.  They engage in active and quiet games, stories, creative crafts, play-acting and singing.  Keas share a motto: ‘I share, I care, I discover, I grow.’ Ngaio’s … Read More

A few gems from the Bell’s Track team.

Hi Everyone. Nick here. We have another great blog about all the work being done by Des and the team on Bells Track. Thanks Nick Tena Koutou Katoa everyone. We had our annual get together recently  with a small group interested in the walk and talk.  Food and drink was shared very pleasantly afterwards.  Many thanks to Chris Moore of Otari … Read More

Marc’s Polhill Project is off and running!

Hi Everyone. Nick here. Marc Slade is the powerhouse behind the Polhill project and with the amazing commitment of the community around him, he is getting the job done. Give us an update Marc. Polhill Blog – Part 2 Hi Nick. Well it’s a month or so since we met and a lot has happened in that time. Thanks to … Read More