Why Wellington Council’s cat management consultation is groundbreaking


This blog looks at why what the Wellington City Council is proposing in their consultation is so groundbreaking, and what that means for the submissions that people are putting forward. The key point is that when making a submission, you have to emphasise the “nuisance” factor. Remember that you can submit here by 5pm 2 May 2016. Existing cat management … Read More

WCC proposing microchipping in Animal Bylaw

WCC are proposing some changes to the Animal Bylaw, which would encourage responsible cat ownership and help manage strays. Cats kill wildlife, spread diseases and cause a general nuisance by soiling people’s gardens. At the moment there is no easy way to identify an owned cat from an unowned cat so it is almost impossible to manage strays near populated … Read More

Remarkable achievement: New Zealand’s first predator free community

Congratulations to Kelvin Hastie and the people of Crofton Downs for being the country’s first predator free suburb. You’ve shown us all what is possible – let’s hope the whole of Wellington and other towns around the country follow your lead. The Morgan Foundation is proud to have supported this initiative.

Polhill’s exciting discovery : a Saddleback / Tieke nest.

I thought it was time that I updated you about what we have been up to in Polhill and what is planned for the coming months. The most exciting thing to happen recently is that we discovered a saddleback/tieke nest near one of mountain bike tracks and working closely with WCC and Zealandia we soon identified that there were two … Read More

Predator trapping in Glenside

It was a very sunny Fathers Day when some of the Glenside community met up for their first meeting. The refreshments were flowing and the BBQ was smoking at Dave & Margaret’s place. The view across the valley to the Glenside hills meant we could all take in the area we would be making pest free.This community is ready to … Read More

No stopping the communities vying to become the first Pest Free Community

There is no stopping the communities that are vying to become the first Pest Free Community in New Zealand. Crofton Downs has kicked things off with their first meeting last night at the Otari-Wilton’s Bush Visitor Centre. Representatives from Enhancing the Halo, DOC, Predator Free NZ and the Wellington City Council were on call to answer any questions and help … Read More

Auckland Area Cat Camera Survey

The Morgan Foundation cat camera study has been an amazing project for the last 6 months. We have been placing cameras in back yards all over the suburbs of Wellington to record what wanders past them.  Here are the results http://halo.org.nz/cat-control/ We have been concentrating firstly on Wellington and now want to place some cameras around properties in the Auckland … Read More

Why Mast Season is a Perfect Time to Get Trapping

predator-cycle-diagram, DOC.govt.nz

You might have heard that this year is a mast season in our beech forests, which is why DOC are taking action. But you may not know it is also a perfect time to get trapping in your own back yard. What the heck is a mast season? It is when the weather conditions over the summer are perfect for … Read More