Enhancing our halo in Paekakariki

Enhancing Our  Halo

Hi everyone. We couldn’t ask for more from the Ames Street community. As you will read in a blog from Megan, they have embraced Enhancing the Halo in Paekakariki, and their goal is to make it fly. Brilliant. Great work guys. Nick

English: Little Blue Penguin, Blue Penguin, or...Little Blue Penguin, Blue Penguin, or Fairy Penguin. (Eudyptula minor) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Megan writes….

We are proud to be the first street in New Zealand to join the “Enhancing the Halo” project –  with a goal to make our street attractive to native birds, butterflies and bees and to keep lizards safe.

We are blessed with blue penguins nesting on our street, fantails, swallows, waxeyes and tui galore. On special days, we see  Kotare and Kereru. Someone even said they saw a Kakariki here. Well. Imagine if we could bring the Kakariki back to Paekakariki (The resting place of the green parrot). That is something to aspire towards!

We are taking steps to get rid of predators and to make our neighbours and the community aware of the presence and importance of birds, butterflies and lizards.

The penguins mating season is in August, so we are all going to be on the lookout for tracks at dawn and dusk…

We are currently running a little competition for the best photos of little blue penguin evidence (footprints, abandoned nests etc..) and other birds photographed on Ames Street, this will get everyone thinking about the birds!

Email your entries to amespaekak@gmail.com by 20th July.

Stay tuned for more!