Human Nature

We’ve joined the hundreds of volunteers in Wellington City to help restore the balance between humans and nature…after all, we’re part of nature, and nature is part of us. Our focus is to restore the forest habitat of Khandallah Park to a point where we see native birds, once lost to the area, thriving again.

Our facebook page is:

humannaturebirdMake sure you check out the recent recording of the amazing bellbird and tui song in our backyard…and be patient because the bellbird jumps into view if you watch it all.

We – with the help of an awesome few – look after stoat/rat traps around the park. There’s a couple of hundred hectares and about 25 Council traps and we have purchased an additional 13 funded through sales of Tony’s illustrations (100% of proceeds) –

Become a Halo Household and make your backyard a haven for native wildlife

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