Our First School Visit

openDay_2012_08_25St Mark’s school kids.

What a great way to start our school programme for Enhancing the Halo.

The students were year 7 and 8 and had invited Gareth Morgan and myself to come and tell them about what we were doing. It was our first chat about making Wellington the Natural Capital

The classroom was filled with bright eyed kids who made us both feel welcome and were eager to ask questions. It was great to see that their science teachers were already exploring many environmental issues with their students. These St Mark’s pupils were well informed and already passionate about conservation.

When we asked, who would like to start trapping pests in their own back yard? Most of the class eagerly thrust their hands to the sky, which was great to see as trapping has a big part to play in Enhancing the Halo.

We are keen to visit as many schools a possible over the next few months, so please get in touch through this website as we would be delighted to come and visit.