Silver Beech

  1. Soak plant, bag and all, in a large bucket of water until bubbles stop. ( I soak plant at bottom of hill , filling bucket from the tap of the house near the entrance, then carry plant up in supermarket bag.)

  1. Remove from bucket and allow to drain.

  1. Choose site carefully ie suitable for the species and not too close to the track

  1. Dig hole larger than the bag and if possible work in a bit of leaf mould, compost or old mulch

  1. Hold plant upside down over hole and carefully ease off the bag

  1. If roots are growing around and tight tease them out. (not to do this with young manuka as they have extremely sensitive roots)

  1. Turn plant right way up and place in hole ensuring soil level is the same as it  was in the bag.

  1. Firm soil around tree with hands or treading lightly.  Ramming soil tightly is not good  –  roots need some air.  However if not firm enough plant will not withstand strong winds.

  1. If it is possible to water once plant is in just tickle the top of the soil to allow penetration. It is best to do this regardless so when the rain does come it will soak in.

  1. Voila! – you  will have just helped again in restoring our beautiful bush.