Reuben’s Kaka Hunt

My Kaka Hunt

Hi everybody. Nick here. Reuben Hulme -Moir is a 10 year lad who had a close encounter with a Kaka that wasn’t well at all. He wanted to share the experience with you all so take it away Reuben.

Thanks Nick

I helped my brother and my dad to catch a kaka at a house in Karori last week. When we got to the house the lady said the kaka had hopped off the roof and gone into the bush. Me and my dad went into the bush and had a look around but we couldn’t find it. After that we had one more look and we found it under a ponga, so dad must have walked straight past it before. We got my fishing net and put it over the kaka. It was so easy to catch because it was very sick. We then put it in a cardboard box. The box had little holes in its sides so the kaka started poking its beak out like you can see in the picture below.Reuban Kaka Beak





Then it started peering out the hole with its beady eye. When we got to the zoo we got to take it up to the NEST-animal hospital. The vets took it out and had a look at it. They said it was very sick because it was so weak. They got a tube that they put down its throat and then they put nectar down the tube.Reuben Kaka




Sadly when we heard back from the vets the kaka had died a few days later at the NEST. They said its kidneys weren’t working properly.



Reuben Hulme-Moir (10yrs)