Vet Allan Probert talks about managing cats


WellingtonVetLogo“Wellington Vets are strong supporters of the need to manage stray cats. Based on overseas evidence there is a need for compulsory microchipping and for cats to be managed like dogs.”  – Dr Allan Probert, Wellington Vet Group



“The negative impacts of uncontrolled cats on native birds has been documented by researchers in NZ. OSNZ/Birds New Zealand supports the development of policy and management practices which will reduce the impact of uncontrolled and/or unowned cats to native birds. The Council of the Ornithological society of NZ supports efforts to improve management of cats to reduce adverse impacts on native birds.”
-David Lawrie, President The Ornithological Society of New Zealand Inc

“Over the last couple of decades we’ve all become comfortable with registering pet dogs and restricting their movements, and we now need to make a similar adjustment in our thinking around the responsibilities associated with cat ownership.” – Dr. Yolanda van Heezik, Department of Zoology, Otago University