Te Motu Kairangi Miramar

Te-Motu-kairangi-logo-V3 kopiaTe Motu Kairangi- Miramar Ecological Restoration
is a group that I started back in 2011

Joakim Liman seedcollecting Coprosma lucida ecosource restoration Miramar

Joakim Liman seedcollecting



Plantingbee Nikau palm kereru Miramar eco restoration

Planting bee Nikau palm




We are so far a small dedicated group of volunteers and locals working on both weekdays, weekends and free time to restore the peninsula to a more natural state focusing on its flora.

Hopefully with this aim more of its fauna will on naturally return.

We are working towards becoming a “mainland island”.

In just these few years we have planted over 3700 plants around the peninsula.

We use only ecosourced plants which are provided by the Forest
& Bird Nursery, wellington city council and as well as from our own little nursery.

Supplejack pigeonwood seed collecting eco source Miramar restoration

Supplejack pigeonwood seed collecting

We collect seeds around the town reserves which we are growing ourselves

or directly scatter around the bushy parts of the peninsula to speed up

the regenerating bush of the missing species of flora.


Kereru Kapiti Miramar Wood pigeon fruit pigeon



Some of our current main focus is to bring back the missing large seeded species which would have in the past been spread by larger birds.

We also focus on weed control as this is a very important part of our restoration. We are  also doing some of pest control.

At the moment we don’t have too many traps, but are hoping to increase this in a nearby future.

We work with groups such as the kereru discovery project and the trail

building group Miramar Track project as well as with our locals schools

like Miramar North school.

If you have any further questions or anything really, please don’t

hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

JoakimMiramar Panorama Te Motu kairangi Eco restoration