Trelissick Park Group – Saturday 18 May 2013

Trelissick Park Group – Saturday 18 May 2013

Drama in the Valley – Rain came with a vengeance on Monday 6 May.  The tranquil Korimako Stream quickly became a raging torrent – see the video below, taken by Bill Hester.  The stream gouged part of the track downstream of Wightwick’s Field, so WCC closed that part of the track, pending repairs.  The unsafe portion is only 1 m long, with half the track gone and a drop into a deep pool below: proceed at your own risk.  Impeccable timing: Capacity had just restored the debris trap on the lower Kaiwharawhara, to allow passage of native fish from the harbour to the headwaters.  The water rose by 2 metres, overtopping the vertical iron rails – with an aftermath mayhem of tree trunks, branches and strewn boulders.

A useful new scaffold plank and railway sleeper, ensnared in the Korimako, were rescued by Bill Hester, Jim Gifkins and his son.  Floaters from Khandallah?

Animal Behaviour Monitoring Finished – Tracy Poole and her Victoria University team have just finished their night-vision motion-sensitive video and tracking tunnel monitoring of 10 bait stations for their study.  Results are to follow, but we do know there were a lot of rats, some mice and one cat.  Some thrushes and blackbirds were taking Brodifocoum bait from one of the stations.

The Planting Score – This year we have planted around 600, so far.  Most came from Peter Reimann’s home nursery, supplemented by some from Dot and Dave Catchpole and grasses propagated by Marilyn Hester – all locally sourced.  The entrance around Waikowhai Street is vastly improved, helped by David Hames and daughter Annalise.  Infill planting below and along the verge of Trelissick Crescent proceeds.  Marilyn’s planting of grasses downstream of Wightwick’s Field will look a sight in a couple of years.  The mulch piles are diminishing.  Thanks to our working bee “regulars” for all the hard work.  All newcomers are welcome – see website for details.

Greater Budget Sought for WCC Parks and Reserves – See our Group’s submission on the WCC 2013/14 Annual Plan on the “Current Issues” page of our website.

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