Wouldn’t it be cool if we became the Wildlife Capital of New Zealand?

Industrialisation is spreading globally. More and more people are finding their living space contaminated with the by-products of modern day living – pollution of waterways and airways, contamination of soils, loss of native species of fauna and flora. This increases the value of an oasis like New Zealand as people’s preferred destination to tour, live, and as a source of sustainable products. With Zealandia and many other wildlife hotspots smack in the middle of our city we have the opportunity to be the world’s leading city for the ecologically enlightened.

P1120825Over the past couple of decades the citizens of Wellington have invested heavily in our wildlife hotspots – with both money and sweat. We now have world-leading reminders of what our country should be like. All those who have been involved can be justly proud of the conservation gains those projects have made.

But we are not making the most of these wildlife hotspots. Outside these sanctuaries, our native wildlife are predated or denied their specific food needs, and their numbers are diminished. If we can provide adequate food for our native creatures and ensure they are not in danger then we may one day be able to enjoy this native wildlife in our own backyards. This is what it means to “enhance the halo”.

So what can you do? Becoming a Halo Household is a great first step.